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Bronze Ariel in black hose takes the meaning of sheer to the next level! Sitting so coyly on a couch she pulls us in with her entrancing gray eyes and we fall for her seduction. Oh well, guess it's time to jerk off again!
Crawling around on the couch like minx, her black stockings accenting her creamy thighs and rounded ass. Perfect globes for titties and silken blonde hair draping across her body. She's a delicious piece of gourmet candy ready to be popped into our mouths. She slides her hose off all the while keeping a lock on our eyes and revealing to us the rest of her golden tanned masterpiece of a body. Then legs go over her head and her sweet pie and asshole are right there for us to munch down on. Mmmmm, mmmm that's some good eatin!

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