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VS) Hello and welcome to naked news, the program with nothing to hide I_m Victoria Sinclair, and this is what_s making headlines.VS) Just days before the highly anticipated mass murder trial of Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik (AND-urs BEHR-ing BREV-ik), a second psychiatric evaluation has determined that the infamous right-wing extremist is NOT criminally insane. The findings contradict a previous examination that had diagnosed him as being paranoid schizophrenic. Breivik is accused of the killing of 77 people in a bombing and shooting spree that took place in and around Oslo last July. His trial is set to begin next Monday. The court will take both medical evaluations into consideration during the proceedings. The question of Breivik_s sanity will determine whether he_s sentenced to time in a psychiatric hospital, or prison. In other news today, the European Court of Human Rights has determined that five British-held terror suspects can be extradited to America to face trial, after determining that the prisoners would not be subject to ill treatment in the USA. At least one of the men has been a target of stateside authorities for years. Natasha Olenski has been following the proceedings and joins us now with a full report. Natasha?NO) Vic, the most notable of the men cleared to be extradited is radical preacher Abu Hamza (AH-boo HAM-za). He has been targeted by the US government since 1998, when he helped orchestrate the taking of sixteen hostages in Yemen. Hamza is facing 11 charges, which also include attempting to set up a jihad training camp on American soil in Oregon. Among the other high profile prisoners is Babar Ahmad (BA-bar ACH-med), a 37-year old computer expert who has been held in the UK without trial for nearly eight years. The court_s ruling will take effect in three months, but only if there are no further appeals. NO) Tensions between Iran and the US are once again on the rise over the rogue nation_s controversial nuclear program. The US has deployed a second American aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf. It_s just the fourth time in the last decade that two carriers have patrolled Gulf waters simultaneously. According to a US Navy spokesman, the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise presence is quote routine and not specific to any threat. The Enterprise joins the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group, and will monitor key oil shipping routes in the Gulf that Iran has previously threatened to shut down. Vic?VS) I seem to recall that the last time a US carrier left the Persian Gulf, Iran_s army chief warned that it should never come back Natasha. NO) That was in December, and evidently the American government hasn_t been deterred by his threat.VS) Well, the navy says it_s just a routine deployment, and I for one hope that_s exactly what it turns out to be. Thanks for the updates Nat.VS) We_ll check in with her for more news items in just a few minutes, but we_ve got plenty of other things for you to look forward to today. Take for instance Whitney St. John in the naked foodie, who_s got some startling news to share with us concerning ice cream of all things What can you tell us Whitney?VS) An ominous warning there from Ms. St. John. We_ll bring her back later for the full scoop. (smile) I just couldn_t resist. Alright, up next on the program, Eila Adams is ready and waiting with our weekly look at Hollywood_s biggest stars in Entertainment, including the latest on James Cameron_s next project, which is taking him from the big screen to the SMALL screen. The spotlight_s all yours Eila
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